If you’re new to LARP or LRP, or indeed horror-specific RP, this section might seem overwhelming. To help explain the way that everything works in game, we’ve tried to give plenty of examples. If you’re already an experienced LARPer, then you might find the system to be surprisingly light-touch. If you are one of our experienced players, then you may be more interested in the Gameplay Concentrated section which features a very cut-down, non-fluffy version of the system to help re-familiarise yourself.

If after reading you’re still uncertain about anything, then don’t be shy about getting in touch. Events are supposed to be about enjoying yourself, not about chewing your lip and worrying that you’re going to get something wrong. Even experienced players need to check up on what Skills do.

If you want to play in an event, once you’re all paid up and your place confirmed, you’ll be given a character sheet. The character sheet sets out who and what it is you’ll be playing over the course of the event. It establishes:

  • Your character’s name, a “title” (a snappy phrase or descriptor to describe the concept, for example, “the Detective” or “The Aspiring Actress”), date of birth, and age;
  • your Combat Stats, which define how healthy, hardy and trained you are in fights;
  • your Will Power, which defines your strength of presence, determination and personality;
  • your Skills, which are mechanically significant talents or trained abilities your character has;
  • your Sanity, which defines the weird and wonderful ways you will react to stress and Threats;
  • your Background which is the narrative of your character, explaining who they are, where they’re from and their motives;
  • your At Time In (see Game Mechanics) which outlines what you’ll be doing at the point the event starts (the game Mechanics section also has all the basics about gameplay mechanics);
  • your Who You Know which details which other characters you know in game, and which other players you know.

If you take a look through our Past Events pages, you may find examples of character sheets which have been used in gameplay. These are the best possible indicator for what you can expect.