Health and Safety

Aeon Horror is insured to run events. We want players to enjoy themselves, we want Refs to enjoy themselves, and we want the venue owners to be left with a positive impression.

The Event Attendance Form for Weekend Events

As part of the sign-up process for weekend events, players will be given an Event Attendance form to fill in. This will ask for basic information like contact details and next of kin in case of emergencies. It will also ask for information concerning dietary requirements and any health concerns you feel that we ought to be aware of. Anything relating to your personal, medical information will be passed onto the First Aiders and whoever is responsible for catering will be given your dietary requirements. We’ll attempt to keep in touch with you throughout to make sure you’re okay with any arrangements.

The Pre-Game Brief

Pre-Game Briefs are delivered before every event regardless of the experience level of participants. They last approximately 1 hour and involve the Ref team giving a high level overview of the system and mechanics, relevant information about the setting, and a pre-amble to the game itself. It is a good opportunity for players to ask questions. During the Brief, you’ll also be given a System crib sheet which you can keep on you throughout the game as a reminder.

Player Wellbeing

We know that in order to have a good game, players need to be well rested and well fed. If we want to go down the full on sleep-deprived, uncomfortably-hungry game route, we will broadcast that well in advance. It’s not the sort of thing that, in our experience, players respond well to without warning!

We will ensure that during weekend events players have three main opportunities a day to eat. These will be cunningly described as mealtimes. We will broadcast the times that food will be served as part of the event. It is up to players to ensure that they make themselves available tat these times. If, for example, it is made known in play that breakfast will be served between 8am and 9am, if you sleep in until 10am, then you’ll have to forage for yourself. Please avoid eating other players.

We will ensure – insofar as our plot and our dramatics are concerned – players will have a decent chunk of time in which to sleep per night which Refs will not directly interrupt. We cannot be held responsible for what other players do as a reaction to things that happen. As events are time bound, the great gears of plot will continue to grind on regardless of whether you’re peacefully asleep, or awake and highly caffeinated in a corner, clutching a shotgun.

If you become ill during a game you must let Refs or Crew know. If you do not, then we will assume that you are behaving in-character and we will treat you as any other player.

Health and Safety during Gameplay

Day time Exploration

We encourage players to explore areas around our chosen venues, however, there are limits to this which are in place for your safety, for our sanity, and for the plot.

Providing you have direct and uninterrupted line of sight of the event’s main building, you do not need to have an escort. Anything that obfuscates your view of the venue will obfuscate our ability to see you. If you choose to move any further than you must have a member of the Ref or Crew team with you. There is no guarantee that a Ref or Crew member will be watching if you decide to leave the visible area. As such, you may want to consider having one accompany you in case you decide to move on. Otherwise we ask that before you explore any further, you return to the venue and find one.

Having a Ref or Crew member with you means that you can ask questions if you encounter something unexpected. Similarly, they can describe experiences you may have when venturing into areas that may not be self-evident.

Refs cannot take responsibility for players who interact with an area or item which has IC significance without Ref presence. We also cannot be held responsible for any misinformation which occurs as a result of this.

Night-time Exploration

It is advised that if you choose to explore at night, you take an IC light source. Please keep to a careful pace and avoid running outdoors, especially as the grounds around our venues tend to be unpredictable and highly subject to the whims of the weather.

Purple glow sticks will be made available at main external-leading doors. All characters – whether they have an IC light source or not – must take a glow stick with them in case they decide to extinguish their IC light. This has the benefit of providing you with additional visibility, as well as helping the Refs/Crew see where you are.

You should adjust your movement accordingly.

Glow sticks act as an OOC light source and will not be registered by NPCs.

Please replace them once you are finished as once snapped they will last a full event.


Bottles of old wineAlcohol is allowed at Events and you may find that in games where formal meals are arranged a few bottles of booze might appear on the table as part of the catering. Players are allowed to bring their own alcohol and we will not prevent players from drinking.

However: there is a big difference between drinking socially and relaxing into things, and drinking for the sake of drinking. Please do not abuse the trust that we, as Refs, extend to players. If we believe that you have had too much or if we are approached by another player with concerns, we reserve the right to ask you to sit out until you have sobered up.

Drinking is fine if done maturely and in moderation. Do it in character, not out of character. These are role play events, not piss-ups.

As an obvious extension to this, if you are playing a character who has Alcohol (or, indeed, any other drug) as a Coping Mechanism or Flaw, you should find a way to phys rep this without damaging yourself.

Time Outs

Given the level of investment that players feel with their characters and the months of preparation on all sides, it’s only natural that events in-game might start to affect you OOC.

If you feel that you are getting overwhelmed by events or angry out of character, please take the step of removing yourself from the event for as long as you need to calm down. Recognising that you’re getting overwhelmed is not a bad thing and respect will be extended to you for grabbing a Ref and asking for a time out. It’s better that you tell a Ref and we’ll create a space for you.

If you are being wound up by another player, please come and rant to a ref. If we feel that action is necessary, we will do all we can to help.

Sharp Objects

The Combat System is non-contact so we trust players to use objects in their environment as dramatically appropriate to feign attacks on other players. What we will not allow is the use of sharps (anything with a point or a blade) being used.  Please see the Combat section on sharp weapons for more detail around this. Anyone found using an actual knife in combat or as a dramatic device will be given a time out and a talk from the Ref team. The bottom line is that you can’t predict the actions of other players or guarantee that they’ve seen what you have in your hand and we’re not prepared to take the risk.

Members of Public

As games are run in a variety of locations, coming into contact with members of public is a risk. Although venues will be privately hired or booked, there is a chance that a member of the public might wander over to see what’s happening. This is particularly important to note when player characters might be wielding replica weapons (guns or knives) which, from a distance or to an untrained eye, may look realistic. We ask players to direct members of public towards the Crew or Refs who can explain what’s happening. People are usually very interested in what we’re doing and we’re only too happy to give them an explanation.

A Bit of Common Sense!

Common sense goes a long way. If in doubt, keep the following three key things in mind:

  • Look after yourself – pay attention to yourself out of character even if you start to lose track of things in character.
    • If you feel unwell you must tell a Ref. If you do not, we will assume that you are acting IC and will not be treated differently.
    • Ensure that you keep well fed and watered – your character is just for 48 hours, but you’re the one who’ll be dealing with the come down on the other side. Personal alarms or “anachronistic” equipment to keep yourself healthy and happy are completely acceptable.
    • If you need to take meds or steps towards preserving your own wellbeing, these take priority.
    • If you feel yourself getting angry at the scenario, another player, or for some other reason then tell a Ref.
    • If you feel uncomfortable or need a safe space to retreat to then tell a Ref and you can be given a quiet space to recover.
  • Look out for other people – if you see anyone suffering or if you’re worried about someone, don’t be afraid to tell a Ref
    • Don’t be afraid to talk to Refs if you’re worried about someone
    • Similarly, don’t be afraid to talk to Refs if someone else’s actions are impairing your enjoyment
    • Always be mindful of dietary requirements. Support the organisers in reducing cross-contamination of foods, and be sure that if there are options for different dietary requirements, you take only what is appropriate to you.
  • Be mindful of your surroundings! – Be aware of potential hazards and always be respectful of the play area
    • If you leave the play area, tell a Ref
    • Vehicles and members of public take priority. If either enter the game area, do not obstruct them.
    • Do not attempt to climb or otherwise force yourself into or up spaces that are clearly not meant to be used in such a way. Drystone walls can be dangerous, bushes and trees are easily damaged, and your Ref team don’t want to lose their deposit.