Payment Terms and Conditions

What are our payment terms?

We require full payment from each player before they can participate in an event.

Players must pay a deposit in order to secure their place. We cannot reserve spaces on good will alone. Both the deposit amount and the full event cost will be stated clearly on event pitches.

Deposits and Total Amounts

Payment of the deposit is indication that you have acknowledged the total due to Aeon Horror LARP and you agree to pay the full amount in order to participate.

Weekend event deposits are usually a third of the total cost. On receipt of your payment, an acknowledgement email will be sent outlining event information, including when the final amount is expected.

One-day events do not require deposits: As the total will typically be £10 – £15, we ask for this amount up front.

What if I need to stagger payments?

We are open to payment schedules for players who will struggle to meet the final deadline for weekend events. Players who have successfully paid a deposit and reserved their place should get in touch with the Ref team as soon as they can to arrange this. We are happy to accommodate a variety of circumstances so don’t feel shy about talking to us.

What if I can’t pay on time?

You must let us know as soon as possible if there is going to be a delay settling the final balance for an event. Unfortunately we have been in situations in which multiple players have paid late, and this has impacted on our ability to plan. It is very frustrating for the Ref team to chase players for payment when that time could be spent on prep!

It is not fair to allow players who have not paid to participate, but, conversely, it may impact on the enjoyment of others should all booked players not be present due to their failure to pay. It is in Aeon’s interests to keep all players who have paid their deposits, however, we must consider the cost to organisers and the likelihood of the event being able to run according to our budget.

Should you fail to notify Aeon of any problems ahead of the final payment deadline, we will use our discretion to determine the best way forward. Our discretion will be informed by the impact to the event. As such, our best course of action is subjective and informed by our insight.

As a worst case scenario, should you fail to contact Aeon to provide a late payment date, or fail to stick to that late payment date, Aeon will re-open your space and invite potential players on the event’s reserve list to take your space.

In such circumstances, we cannot guarantee that you will receive your deposit, although we will endeavour to return it to you. Proof of our attempts can be provided at your request.

What if you need to cancel?

Life happens, and sometimes something comes up that means you can’t play in an event despite having successfully booked a place.

One Day events

If you need to cancel your place on a one day event, we will be able to refund you the full payment up until 2 weeks (14 days) before the game. After that point, we are likely to have spent your payment, and we will struggle to find a player to replace you. This is unless we successfully find a replacement player who is content to pay to play, despite the short notice and lack of input into their character.

Weekend events

If you need to cancel your place on a weekend event, we will be able to refund your deposit up until the deadline date for final payment. This is unless we find another player who would be happy to pay the total amount (deposit and final amount). As it is important for us to have all spaces filled, it may be necessary for us to keep your deposit in order to bring a new player on board. As they will not have had the same level of input into their character and will not have had as much time to prepare their costume, etc., we feel that charging any late-entry players the full amount would be too much of a disincentive.

We will be able to refund you the final payment (i.e., the total minus your deposit) up until 45 days before the event. After this point, should you need to cancel we will need to keep your total payment unless at any point we can find another player to take your place and pay the total amount, or final amount (i.e., the total minus your deposit).