“Event” is the term given to any game we run. These can be one-day events (lasting around 8 hours), or full weekend events. Events will be announced via our Facebook Group page and our News page. The Future Events section of the website is where details will be posted. If you’re new to horror LARP (or live-action roleplay in general for that matter), and not sure if it’s for you, we’d recommend that you cut your teeth at a one-day event before investing in a more immersive weekend event to make sure you get on with the system and game style.

Please take a look at our Past Events to get an idea of what you might be up against.

What is a one-day event?

  • Length: Expect between 7 to 9 hours, with cool off and clear up time at the end
  • Time In: Time In might happen anywhere between 11am and 2pm with time beforehand for the pre-game brief
  • Time Out: Dependent on location, Time Out is likely to happen around 8pm, with 1 hour following for the debrief and clear up.
  • Transport: Players are expected to handle their own transport to and from the event unless otherwise stated
  • Location: One-day events will be run close to home for the majority of players.
  • Catering: Not included unless otherwise stated.
  • Cost: Around £10.
  • Costume: Costume is expected; we will aim for more modern/easily outfitted set-ups to cut down on player expense. For more info, please see the section on Costume below.
  • Character Props: Character Props are not essential, but we welcome anyone enthusiastic to make them or source them for their character!
  • Event Expectations: One-day events don’t have the benefit of time for genteel introductions lasting into late evening or discourse over breakfast as with weekend events.  As such, they may tend to be faster paced and a bit more on the frantic side.

What is a weekend event?

  • Length: Expect around 44 hours (i.e., a full weekend)
  • Time In: Time In will usually occur at 5pm on a Friday, with time beforehand for the pre-game brief.
  • Time Out: Time Out is dependent on players, but Refs will aim for early afternoon on Sunday, with a further 1 hour for debrief. The Ref team are at liberty to change this as part of pre-planning. If you have concerns over transport, please come and talk to us.
  • Additional Time: Weekend venues will be rented for a full weekend with kick-out time on Monday morning. As such, we’d encourage players to stay for an additional night to eat food, relax, play games (…and help with clear up).
  • Transport: Players are expected to handle their own transport to and from the event unless otherwise stated.
  • Location: Weekend events are run in self-catered, self-contained accommodation. The nature of this will depend on the type of event which is being run, but if you’d like to see examples of locations we have and will be using, then please visit the Past and Future events pages.
  • Catering: Weekend events are fully catered by the Ref team and Crew; dietary requirements are gathered before the event with the menu being made available by request. The menu will fit with the period in which the event is run within (with a few practical or necessary tweaks here and there!).
  • Cost: Typically between £100 – £140.
  • Costume: Costume is expected to work with atmosphere and setting. We’d strongly recommend that if players want to get expensive or authentic items, they take into account that events are likely to get a bit frantic and messy. Please do pay attention to any setting and plot information which is given out before the event to gauge suitability. If you hear mention of visiting archeoglogical sites, then you might want to bring something to get muddy in; if you hear tell of a formal meal, then you might want to bring your in-character finest. If in doubt, talk to Refs. Please bear in mind that if you bring any expensive possessions such as jewellery, Refs will not have the capacity to look after it for you.
  • Character Props: Character props are not vital, but we welcome anyone enthusiastic to make them or source them. Please do not bring anything “unusual” without running it by the ref team first. We don’t like being caught off guard.
  • Event Expectations: Although we can only talk in general terms, weekend events will not tend to be non-stop action. It’s all about building an atmosphere. Your character should be well-rounded enough for you to find subjects of conversation to have with other characters, or personal interests to pursue. A deck of cards is rarely amiss for those times when you really hit a blank. Odds are, however, that topics of conversation and sources of interest are likely to pop up along the way. Expect a ramping sense of threat and growing group hysteria. Common sights and experiences include: things that go bump in the night, people staying up to see in the dawn on Sundays, arguments over dinner, rituals, running away, subterfuge and sacrifice. Needless to say, players get into character and refs will do all they can to have fun with this.