Spring 2018: Childish Games


Some time ago – it may as well have been a lifetime ago – you were sent to stay in a grand old house on the Cumberland coast. Although you knew there was a war on and that things were hard for everyone you’d left behind, you remember that period in Glendinning House as the happiest of your life.

The owner of the estate, Arthur Glendinning, was forever busy with his own work, and you were left to roam the grounds with the other evacuees, playing games and having adventures. And what adventures they were! Your imaginations soared, fuelled by the rare comment and sly wink of Mr Glendinning of an evening that maybe there was treasure to be found in the old estate.

kids playing

You were arctic explorers seeking the North Pole; the next day you were pirates on the search for Blackbeard’s lost loot – spices and gold. Sometimes you were knights and ladies, questing across open moorland, leading your stalwart broomstick steeds through treacherous bogs in search of the Holy Grail. When the weather was grim, you stayed inside tapping on walls and lifting paintings in the hopes of finding secret passages.

By night, you crept through old hallways, sliding your small feet across threadbare carpets where creaky floorboards wouldn’t sound your midnight adventures. Nestled together in one bedroom or another, you told stories by candlelight, made up rumours, and imagined the lives that would await you when you inevitably returned home and left your make-believe behind.

And so you did.eskmeals

Time passed. As is the way of such things, you lost touch with the friends and fellow adventurers you had met. Commitments took a firm hold of your imagination and the stories you had created fell back to occasional daydreams. Back home, there was work to be done.

Although the grime of mundane life dulled your young hopes and dreams, a glimmer of something from those years in the country remained. While a wiser, more mature part of you thinks that Mr Glendinning’s comments on treasure were a clever old man’s way of keeping his wards from getting underfoot, at the same time another part of you wonders…

Despite this, responsibilities have kept your wandering thoughts grounded.

But then the letter arrived: You are now welcome to – nay, invited to – return to Glendinning House. The Last Will & Testament of Arthur Glendinning is to be read at the property on the morning of Saturday the 21st of April, 1964. Regardless as to where the estate and effects of the dear old man fall, you have the strangest feeling that there remains something wondrous to be found, if one has the nerve to seek it.

Out of Character Information

Booking is now closed.

  • Event Date: Friday 20th April to Sunday 22nd April, 2018
  • Time In: 5pm on Friday 20th April, 2018
  • Time Out: Approximately 1pm on Sunday 22nd April, 2018
  • Event Location: Eskmeals House
  • Ref Team: Cath, Craig, Jonno, Laura, Lucie, Monica
  • Players: 15
  • Total Event cost: £140
    • Deposit: £40 to secure a place
    • Remainder: £100 due before the 31st January, 2018

For optional payment terms or cancellation terms, please click here.

Content Warnings

Corruption of innocence, bullying, use of childish imagery to invoke fear (for example: clowns), sounds.


This event is a return to Big House horror for Aeon after our year’s break, and we’re looking to go all out. Players can look forward to a “traditional” event – a blend of puzzles and action, with sprinkles of external and internal horror – with a competitive twist.

Players should be aware that each character will have their own agenda to pursue, and some of these will place them in direct competition with others. As such, we must warn that this is likely to be a lethal event.


Players are responsible for arranging their own transport to and from the event. Refs will not have space or opportunity to provide lifts. We will assist in any way we can with the planning of transport and will share details of train schedules, etc. closer to the time.

Bootle Station is reasonably close to the venue should you wish to arrive by train.

For more information on the format of weekend events, please see this page.


Eskmeals House as a venue is in a remote location and is an old building, and as such there are several issues of accessibility to consider before signing up for any Aeon events set there. While the ref team will make every effort to adjust and accommodate any specific needs, there are some elements of the building itself that we cannot alter. These include:

  • Uneven flooring.  The downstairs of Eskmeals House is largely floored with old floorboards and rugs. Some areas of downstairs uses flagstones, some of which have subsided slightly, creating lips and ruts in places, which may catch crutches/wheels. Caution should also be taken when floors are wet as they can become extremely slippery.
  • The front entrance to the house is across a gravel path, up to a flagstone step approximately 3″ in height, and over a metal lip. This can make it difficult for wheelchair users or people who have difficulty walking.
  • There is no ground floor bedroom. Bedrooms are spread across the first and second floor with wide, carpeted stair cases.
  • There is a single downstairs toilet with sink. However, the toilet is located in a small room with very little room to manoeuvre. All bathrooms lack a disabled toilet, or a toilet with sufficient bars/rails.

Our events may make use of areas around the house such as the gardens, unsurfaced driveway/tracks and footpaths, and lightly forested surroundings. These are not accessible for a wheelchair user and may cause difficulty for those with mobility issues. The problems include:

  • Uneven paths. This may cause people with fatigue or mobility issues difficulty.
  • Muddy ground. Parts of the ground very quickly become boggy in the rain, which can present difficulty for those with mobility issues.

If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact Aeon. Anything raised will be treated in confidence.

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