New site

Welcome back to and our new, shiny website! Along with giving the site a face lift, we’ve also revisited written content. Although there won’t be any surprises to Aeon veterans, phrasing has been cleared up, typos fixed, and things split out into more sensible chunks. The new CMS gives us the flexibility to format things in more approachable way. Everyone is happy about this.

If you have any feedback or recommendations, we’d be very happy to hear them. There’s still some work to be done around accessibility – primarily adding alt text to images – so bear with us while that’s done.

Our new logo was produced by the very talented Sammi Searle. Check out her art page.

Needless to say, after a year’s break, the Aeon team is keen to get back into things. In the next few days we’ll be sharing details of our next weekend event. Watch this space!


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