The Foundling Files

All of the Foundling Files as produced for the game. The files have been saved as .pdfs.
Foundling Files


Incident No. ###

What are they?

The Foundling files were documents plus supplementary evidence created for each of the Foundlings held on site, and those that had been handled by the site, which was the location for Incident No. ###. They were available to players as paper documents.

Why where they made?

The Foundling files were created so that players knew what they were up against and how to handle it. The main threat against them was a tactical nuclear strike (Code Delta) which was the contingency plan of the main NFQ HQ in event of containment breach. Can you tell what our inspiration source was?

It was necessary that for Code Delta to be downgraded all Foundlings were to be recontained or neutralised. The Foundling files gave them all the information that would enable them to do one or the other. In some cases, pure violence would be enough. For the most part, however, each Foundling possessed particular qualities or triggers that would provoke certain responses.

How were they made?

Many, many, many hours of work and research. Jonno was the primary driver in creating this prop and he was the one who put in the time necessary to standardise the language, the templates, and populate them. All of the Refs provided support in this regard: all of the Refs provided ideas and writing, created physical representations where they could, and offered creative prompts. It was a mammoth task, not least because we spent a lot of time checking internal consistencies and ensuring that all materials that would be needed by players to do what they needed would be made available to them.


There are 47 Foundling files in total. Of these, 39 were held “on site” and 8 had passed through the site and undergone examination. Each of the files establishes the Foundling’s code, it’s common name, it’s properties, where it was located, it’s physical properties, it’s quarantine procedure, and image.

As part of the event, we also established our own categories to help further distinguish the game from its source of inspiration.

  • A Foundling categorised as Unseelie was to be considered dangerous.
  • A Foundling categorised as Seelie was benevolent or possessing non-harmful properties
  • A Foundling categorised as Iron required difficult and/or constant containment procedures
  • A Foundling categorised as Gold required simple, minimal containment procedures.

In other words, the Unseelie Irons were the ones to watch out for, and they were mean.

What happened to them?

Well, last we left the scenario, the characters had successfully managed to carry out the necessary processes to stop Code Delta. The paper copies of the Foundling Files remained more or less intact (some less torn up than others), and somewhere on a private network hosted on servers buried under a desert in a land that no one knows about, surrounded by EMP shielding with sufficient back up generators to power a city, is where the electronic master copies sit quite, quite safe… .

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