Incident No. ###

cache_1154422Employees of the NFQ Antarctic facility 119 found the drudge of their day-to-day lives broken by the arrival of an innocuous new Foundling, one whose processing and quarantine should have not caused much difficulty to the highly trained Research staff. Unfortunately – and somewhat predictably – things did not go as intended. After a series of unfortunate events, the site was subject to a series of increasingly severe alert states. Unfortunately, this escalated up to secret Delta Level which would see the entire site nuked from orbit unless order could be restored.

With remarkably few casualties, the staff pulled together to wrangle the dangerous specimens back into their cells and phone in the necessary codes to ensure their ongoing survival.

At least, until the clean-up crew arrives….

This was, in many ways, a very simple game! It succeeded largely due to the fantastic efforts of players to get into character and start creating “life” in the facility before the game even started.

At the request of players, we have made available many of the files produced by the Ref team for the various specimens (Foundlings) held on the site, and a few more besides. We have also published some of the character sheets below for your entertainment.

The Foundlings

Foundling 0268
AKA “Meatsnakes”
F0268 – Meatsnakes.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [222.4 KB]

Event Details

Event Date: Was intended for December 2014, but was run on Sunday the 15th of February 2015
Event Location: Lancaster University
Ref Team: Jonno, Lucrecia, Mew, Tom, Naomi, Tabitha, Kari
Players: 18

Original Pitch


Event Pitch
Audio Transcript.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [998.6 KB]

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