Rites of Passage


Whatever happened at Swift House on the night of the 25th of July, 1958? It had all started so well with guests arriving, introductions made, and gifts exchanging hands. Conversation and wine flowed and dinner eagerly devoured…

In total, twelve corpses were found on the Swift’s property. Three of them were identified as the Swifts themselves, the others were found to be guests attending a birthday party, and a single member of household staff.

After subsequent searches failed to find the bodies of Joseph Stone the valet and Mrs Plumpton the cook, it was determined that they were the most likely culprits of this bizarre and uniquely grotesque event. Their whereabouts are still unknown. In the absence of any living heirs who were prepared to take responsibility for the house and its contents, it was determined that they would be sold at auction. The unusual prevalence of magpie feathers has been put down to the large number of insects which had gathered in the area after the bodies were left to decompose for several days….

Things had started to go a bit wrong when poor Uncle Bertie staggered back from the little boys’ room with his eyes and tongue missing, and resumed his place at the table. Dessert was no longer a viable option.

The party-goers found themselves besieged by monstrous corvid-like humanoids who were smart enough to cut the telephone wires, take only the shiniest and most useful parts out the car engines, and start to hunt. They didn’t want much, really: just for twelve seats at the dining table to be occupied by non-dissenting bodies so they could bring through their Lord and Master. They were prepared to achieve their goal by use of ghastly force, or by encouraging those who seemed sufficiently shifty or stupid to swear fealty.

For the table around which the guests sat had once been the focal point and ritualistic hub of The Parliament, an order of Gentleman thieves in London who modelled themselves after the wily spirit of the magpie. Their patron – the Pie King, Lord Thirteen, The Wifeless One, or The Devil Hisself as he may have been known – had seen his cult dwindle over the last half-century as a result of Wars and disease.

Unable to exert his influence, his corvid servitors were only too eager to see him manifest. One for Sorrow, Two for Joy, Three for a Girl, Four for a Boy, Five for Silver, Six for Gold, Seven For a Secret Never to be Told, Eight for a Wish, Nine for a Kiss, Ten for a Surprise you’d do well not to Miss! Eleven for Health, Twelve for Wealth, Thirteen Beware the Devil Hisself!

Alas, a combination of character murders, suicide and betrayal saw to it that there were not enough bodies to be seated in order to complete the rite that would allow the Pie King passage. And so, in a fit of animalistic spite, the Pie Men servitors killed those who remained.

Whatever will happen to the Parliament now? Will the servitors be left without their Lord for long enough that the magic will simply dissipate? Or will some enterprising young mind take advantage of their getaway and look to re-found the order and seek to benefit from all the illicit profit it can offer….?

Event Details

Event Date: Saturday the 25th of July, 2014
Event Location: Crookhurst Farm
Ref Team: Lucrecia, Jonno, Dany, Kari, Mr VI
Player Spaces: 10


The Pitch

As this was a custom event, the details had already been agreed with the buyer and her attendees. The detail events we made public before the game occurred were a bit on the sparse side as a result!