The God Egg


Lullaby Pass

What is it?

The God Egg was the home of an embryonic god from another reality which had been laid to gestate in our own plane. It had the appearance of a large, strange, not-of-this-world rock resembling some sort of obelisk.

Why was it made?

The God Egg was the focal point for the event’s monsters, the Wendigo, who were people that had been tainted by the embryonic god’s desire for attention. Ultimately, the characters needed to realise that they could not fend off the waves of wendigo attacks and needed to go to the power source.

How was it made?

The frame was constructed with bamboo and Figo connectors. Bamboo was chosen as it was cheap and lightweight; the Figo connecters were expensive, but allowed us the flexibility we needed for stable, strange angles with the benefit of being re-usable. The frame was first covered with plastic sheeting, and then with cheap tinfoil / aluminium foil to add an uneven surface. Many, many coats of acrylic were then applied, built up in such a way that it would flake and crack and provide a more “natural”  texture.

Thin rope was used at key structural points to attach the God Egg to nearby trees, above the average player’s headheight. Although we were confident that the tall pine trees would provide shelter from the wind, we were cursed/blessed with bitterly unpleasant weather over the course of the event and we didn’t want to take any chances.

Around the area there were items indicating the existence of people who had once lived in the vicinity of the God Egg. This included pottery, clothes, bead-weavings, skins, and writings.


The completed structure was 12 foot tall. Although it didn’t look “realistic”, it was sufficiently intimidating and sufficiently strange that characters were not happy to go near it. The presence of shrine-like dressings in the vicinity and the remains of a long-dead society dressing its base added significantly to the air of loss and desire and weirdness.

Had the characters gone down the route of destroying it or “aborting” the God within, they would have been treated to the sight of a pitiful, amniotic-slimed, malformed creature cracking out of the shell and into the cold world beyond.

Part of the reason why this particular prop is so significant to us is because of the sheer level of involvement and work that was put in by the assembled crew and Refs in the days before the event. We made prototypes beforehand to ensure that the theory was sound and were even able to make a full-size mock-up thanks to the reusability of the frame materials. There was no way of knowing how well it would come out until we reached the venue itself as there was no possible way of transporting a fully constructed product there. There were a great many visits in grim weather to the site to slather it in paint, some of which were done by torchlight in the middle of the night.

It is also a point of pride that at least one player did see it in situ whilst in character and dismissed it as a prop on the grounds that it was too big.

What happened to it?

The characters didn’t destroy it! Instead, some of them, so powerfully affected by the divine properties of the God within determined that they would remain there to protect it and ensure its peace and gestation.

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