The Room

cache_1152530Welcome to recruitment. You have been chosen because you are in possession of qualities or skills which are deemed Useful. The following exercises will display how you use qualities or skills under pressure. Your behaviour throughout these exercises will be monitored. Your actions or inaction will all go towards your final result. There are no right or wrong answers, however, you may find that your actions have effects to the benefit or disbenefit of you or your group.
Further instructions will follow.

The place? Unknown. The date? Unknown? The reason? A job interview.
A group of people from across the ages were gathered – from a Neolithic huntress, to a Roman haruspex, to a Crimean nurse, to a mis-gendered pirate, to an ill-fated passenger on the HMS Titanic, to modern day cult leaders, drug dealers, and a hobo pit fighter from the near future. Without explanation or possibility of escape, 20 people were subjected to a series of group tests and individual tests designed to challenge their sense of morality, creativity, and ambition. They were being watched by their potential employer, a sadistic shadowy figure called Melchior through a system of high-tech surveillance mechanisms, piloted by his most recent plaything, the Wren Audrey Gale aka, The Voice.

Their goal was to find a way out of their cruel incarceration by making use of the tools available to them, through death, or – if they were very unlucky – by being employed by their captor.


As part of the set up, characters were privy to each others’ “curriculum vitaes”. These were presented as slide shows and became more explicit and less forgiving as the event progressed. Because friction is fun! The files below (viewable in PowerPoint) were played throughout the event.


Interviewee Slides: v1.0
Microsoft Power Point presentation [419.6 KB]
Interviewee Slides: v:2.0
Microsoft Power Point presentation [441.5 KB]

Event Details

Event Date: Sunday the 8th of December
Event Location: Lancaster University
Ref Team: Kari, Jonno, Mew, Andrew, Tom, Craig
Players: 17 + 3 secret plants.

Original Pitch

You know that feeling you get when you first wake up, look up at the ceiling and, just for a moment, wonder where you are?

This is not that feeling.

This is the feeling of blind panic when you wake up and realise that you don’t know where you fell asleep, but it was definitely not in this room.

As you sit up and look around you, you see others in the room, wearing outlandish outfits that seem to come either from the past or from some strange idea of the future. Some are still sleeping. Others, waking as you do, seem just as confused. All face the same questions:

Where are you, why are you here, and how do you get out?

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