The Ties that Bind

The Ties That Bind logoIn April, 1925, an eclectic group of individuals congregated at The White Lodge, home of eccentric and reclusive gentleman of independent means, Niles Hansford. Although each came with their own reason, it became ever more apparent that there were deeper currents at work. Hansford’s habits were hardly what one might consider normal, and his connections were – to say the least – a bit on the diverse side.

A creditor and his contingent, an illegitimate daughter from Texas, spy-catchers and detectives (at least one of whom was not an enthusiastic amateur), one accidental black widow, and a couple of stage magicians who had started the evening in a theatre near Covent Garden…. . That’s without even mentioning the local and household contingent: A delusional doctor, a gardener with a dark past and a postmaster with shady dealings (to raise just a few).

As the world closed in on the gathered and their bubble of reality threatened to burst, they found their best (and perhaps only) choice was to work together. In an effort to uncover the fate of Niles Hansford and save themselves from the parasite that threatened to consume them and all they were, they had to exploit the ties that bound them together.

Cue: blood rituals, contracts with godlike monsters, discourse with the dead, walks into other worlds, an eldritch tome, chestnut flinging, and … jellyfish…?

And because that wasn’t enough for them, there was also looting, rifling, breaking and entering, threats of bodily harm, actual bodily harm, accidental shooting, séances, spy-hunting, and tea. Lots and lots and lots of tea*.
Just another weekend for some..



A small selection of photos from the event are available below, as taken by Ann Sundqvist. Ann’s photos were taken on Saturday afternoon; more photographs taken throughout the event are available via Facebook.

Ann’s The Ties That Bind, GALLERY 1
Ann’s The Ties That Bind, GALLERY 2

Event Details

Event Date: Friday 20th April until time-out Sunday 22nd April
Event Location: The Big White House, Cockermouth
Ref Team: Lucrecia, Jonno, Rich, Mew, Dany, Kari.
Number of players: 17 (+1 dirty, dirty plant)

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