Aeon Horror

Horror LARP in NW England

Some time ago – it may as well have been a lifetime ago – you were sent to stay in a grand old house on the Cumberland coast. Although you knew there was a war on and that things were hard for everyone you’d left behind, you remember that period in Glendinning House as the happiest of your life.

Childish Games



We are absolutely delighted with how our most recent weekend event, Childish Games, panned out. We were spoiled with fantastic costumes and role play from everyone involved. And now your very tired Ref team is more or less recovered, kit largely stowed away for the…

As we put away childish things…

The Gameplay system used by Aeon has had an update and now contains approximately 5 million fewer words. You can see the new system in the Gameplay section of the site.

System Updates

Welcome back to and our new, shiny website! Along with giving the site a face lift, we’ve also revisited written content. Although there won’t be any surprises to Aeon veterans, phrasing has been cleared up, typos fixed, and things split out into more sensible chunks. The new CMS gives us the flexibility to format things in more approachable way. Everyone is happy about this.

New site

On the evening of Thursday the 12th of February 1992, the Chief Constable of Cumbria’s police force picked up the phone and prepared to call in all his favours. There’d been a murder. In fact, make that multiple murders, in a remote location, with no witnesses, persons still unaccounted for, and bits of the crime scene that simply didn’t make any sense. What’s more, he had reason to believe that this could have seriously bitten him in the arse if it wasn’t wrapped up quickly. He needed everyone he could scrounge on this one.

The Right to Silence